10 great reasons to foster! 

1. Foster homes help adopters see pets at their best!

Some animals can handle a shelter environment better than others. Many get overly excited or too anxious to let their true personality shine when they’re in a kennel. In a foster home, pets can relax, so that potential adopters can get a good sense of how they’d be in a home.

2. Fostering pets is fun!

Taking a walk in the park is fun, but it’s a whole lot more fun strolling with a foster dog at your side. Playing with your foster cat is a great way to unwind and provide the attention she craves. And is there anything cuter than watching young kittens chase their tails (and anything else that moves)?

3. You can teach pets new skills in your home!

Dogs and cats are enthusiastic students. Most of them want to learn new skill that can make it easier for them to find a home. That’s what happened to Charlie after he spent some time in a foster home. When it was time for him to meet potential adopters, he impressed them with his knowledge of basic cues and found himself a new family.

4. You could be a pet matchmaker!

Every time you take your foster dog on a walk, or out to a dog-friendly establishment, it’s a chance to connect with potential adopters! You'll be the one to fill them in on all of the information on this pet as well as where to go to and how to adopt the animal. 

5. Put your Instagram account to good use to help animals!

Many pets adopted from this adoption agency find homes after a foster parent shares a post on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.


6. You’ll give them a chance to stretch their (four) legs!

Just like us, cats and dogs need exercise to stay healthy and feel good. While shelters do their best to give animals adequate space to be active, there’s often a whole lot more room to play in a home.

Pet fostering Q&A

7. You’ll be providing invaluable insight!

It’s difficult to know all the important things about a shelter animal, such as how they feel about other animals or kids. This kind of information is vital. These kinds of things can attract the RIGHT adopter to avoid things not working out and the animal being returned to the rescue. 

8. Fostering to know if you’re ready to adopt!

Adopting a pet is a big decision. If you’re not sure you’re ready to take that next step, fostering is a great way to test the waters. You’ll gain experience caring for a pet, so that when it’s time for you to adopt, you’ll do so with confidence.

9. Fostering is a temporary commitment with permanent rewards!

If you’re unable to adopt a cat or dog right now but want to open your space (and heart) to a shelter animal, look no further than being a foster parent. Most shelters and rescue organizations offer a variety of foster opportunities that include taking care of a pet short-term or for the weekend.

10. You’ll be saving more than one life!

Every time a shelter animal is able to leave the shelter for a foster home, space is created for another deserving homeless pet who needs a second chance — until eventually, we save them all.

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